Monday, June 23, 2008

Inaugaral Sail

Our first sailing trip was pretty intense. It began around noon on a Saturday, Summer Solstice., starting at the Brownsville Marina and exploring the bay. We were actually trying to get out into the main part of the sound but could not make it due to currents (something a guy should pay attention to I guess). At one point it was really calm and we were considering using the motor to get to a more windy open area. About 15 minutes later we were kind of in over our heads keeled over. Delicate Dan was at the tiller and made a small error which set off a chain reaction and we ended up doing a 360 before I could get everything back under control. About 15 minutes after that Deetz' jib sail ripped to shreds and we had to deal with that. We fought up wind for another hour or so and then headed back for port downwind. We got there about 5 times as fast. Twice, along the way we had to strap Deetz to a rope and hoist him half way up the mast. Good to have a guy like that around. The sun came out over the Olympics, it was warm, and we still had some gin left so we kept going downwind. Eventually we were forced to head back before dark. But we went too far and the wind picked up dramatically. So now we're tacking up wind in white caps. Water is flying over the bow. We reefed the mainsail (e.g. make it smaller so you don't keel over so much). It took alot to get back. It's now dark and we have our headlamps on to see the sails or anything else. We get near the marina, drop the sails, and put them away. The engine starts ... and then dies. Deetz got it going again soon enough and we make it to port. Finish the rest of the gin, rum, and make a dent in the whiskey. We grilled a couple of thick steaks on the stailess steel charcoal grill that hangs off the back of the boat. It was a damn good time. The next day I felt like absolute shit as we scrubbed the deck and re-did the teak trim.



Inaugaral Sail

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Dylan said...

I should also mention that Delicate Dan did a bang up job especially given the predicaments we put him in. If he keeps this up we just might need to find him a new nickname.