Monday, June 23, 2008

About the Endeavor

  • 27 ft Catalina sailboat
  • built in 1978
  • standard configuration
  • orginally moored in Brownsville, WA (south of Poulsbo)

Steven "Deetz" Bryant purchased this boat in June 2008 for $5750. I, Dylan Peterson, threw in $1000 as a loan to make the purchase easier. It is hopefully the beginning of a whole new set of adventures.

I should also point out that I had taken some pretty serious sailing lessons ... over 4 years ago. I've been on a boat maybe two or three times since then. Steven had been on a sailboat twice for some beginner lessons. Delicate Dan had never sailed. Also, the boat itself had not been sailed for over 4 years. The previous owners could not tell us about the state of the equipment since all he did was motor around clueless. And so we headed out ...

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