Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First Regatta - Duck Dodge

The Endeavor sailed in it's first regatta Tuesday. We raced in the 3rd start (slowest bracket) and proudly took 29th place out of 32 boats. That's right ... there were 3 boats slower than us! I'm not sure if we earned it or if Kris Lande, a gal I work with, helped us out from her privelaged position on the Duck Dodge committee boat.

Duck Dodge is a casual regatta that takes place on Lake Union in the middle of downtown Seattle. It is a crazy scene of criss-crossing boats, some people laughing, some people yelling at each other, everybody drinking, perfect weather, and the Seattle skyline and hills surrounding us. It is a hell of a good time. Definitely a uniquely special Seattle scene.

I don't know crap about racing and you can really get yourself into trouble not knowing the various right-of-way rules. So we were thankful to have Todd as our skipper showing us how it's done. Well, showing us how to get 29th place. :)

Afterwards all the boats raft up and people walk across the bows drinking, dancing, eating, and telling stories.

I ended the night sleeping by myself on the boat. Woke up the next day, swam in Lake Union, and walked to work. Good times.


Carole Peterson said...

Am I the only one who can't see the picture?

Daniel said...

No, your not the only one. I cannot see it as well. BTW- Hi Carole, its been forever. Its Danny Haverlah, hope you are doing well.